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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Reagan was a lousy President, and I am not too keen, as you might imagine, of putting his face on a coin or bill. But we do need to get rid of the penny and the one dollar bill. One dollar bills last one year in circulation; coins would last 20. We spend tons of money on dollar bills that we could save by replacing them with coins. Meanwhile, the penny is worthless. Nobody uses them; many places don't even accept them (try finding a slot machine, parking meter, or vending machine that accepts pennies).

I'd offer this trade to get Republican support for coinage reform, which would save lots of money. Agree to get rid of the penny and the dollar bill, and we will have to create a new dollar coin to replace the dollar bill-- we can put Reagan's face on that.

I'd rather reduce unnecessary spending than worry about who's face is on the bill. So how about it, GOP?

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