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Monday, May 12, 2003
(I can't get the linking to work but the original item on this appeared on April 15, 2003.)
First, savaging Wen Ho Lee. Then, killing two sports columns that disagreed with the paper's editorial crusade against the Masters. Next, killing negative stories about Robert Toricelli's ethics in an attempt to preserve a Democratic majority in the Senate. And now, the coup de grace. Raines' paper yesterday had to run a front page story plus two full jump pages full of corrections to stories written by fabulist Jayson Blair. It seems Raines had been on notice of Blair's tendencies for months and continued to give him major assignments, including the huge D.C. sniper case, while failing to tell the editors for whom Blair was working about Blair's problems, as well as failing to do elementary fact checking that would have revealed the extent of Blair's frauds. (Blair filed datelines from far away places, and then failed to turn in any receipts on his expense account to document his supposed travels.)

The New York Times is a proud institution and a great paper. The Sulzbergers need to get rid of this incompetent partisan hack and get a journalist in there, before their paper suffers any more than the considerable amount it already has.

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