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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
When I was a kid, a guy named John Ramsey was the announcer for almost all the local (Los Angeles) sports teams, including the Dodgers, Angels, Rams, Lakers, Kings, and USC football and basketball. He had a deep, stentorian voice, and a punctuated delivery, which people loved to imitate. (Your attention please, for the Dodgers, batting [pause] for Sutton, number 11, Manny [pause] Mota!) He never raised his voice, even when the home team scored or was rallying. He died in the 1980's and was replaced by Lawrence Tanter on the Lakers (another deep voice) and Dennis Packer on just about everything else (he had a higher voice, but he parroted all of Ramsey's pauses and intonations). Tanter and Packer were, and are, reasonably professional P.A. announcers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country went crazy. The most influential announcer was a guy named Dave Zinkoff, who worked basketball games in Philadelphia, first for the Warriors (before they moved to San Francisco and then Oakland) and then for the 76'ers. He would scream "Wilt CHAIM-ber-lain" and "Julius ERRRRRRRRRRRRR-ving" in his pregame introductions, and he would crazy when the home team did something. He was a colorful Philadelphia institution who, like Ramsey, died in the 1980's. (Zinkoff was so well-known in the NBA that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said, when Philadelphian honored Abdul-Jabbar's last appearance in the Spectrum, that he missed Zinkoff on the P.A.)

Pat Williams, who worked for the 76'ers when Zinkoff was the announcer, became general manager of the Orlando Magic when that franchise formed and hired Paul Porter, a Zinkoff clone who screamed the lineups and who, after every Orlando basket, yelled the name of the player who scored. The Detroit Pistons hired a guy who, in the 1988 and 1989 finals, presented an obvious contrast to Tanter's low-key style at the Lakers, by screaming the Pistons lineup. And the Chicago Bulls took it to the next level, with Ray Clay introducing the opposing team in a dull, disinterested monotone before they rudely turned out the lights to the arena, and blasted the Allen Parsons Project over the loudspeakers at Chicago Stadium so that the opposing team couldn't hear, see, or think, much less conference about the game (as they traditionally might), while Clay screamed the names of the Bulls over the P.A.

Now, every NBA team (except the Warriors, the original employers of Dave Zinkoff, who stopped doing it at the request of their current coach) follows the Bulls' style in introducing the lineups. The dull monotonous introduction of opposing players really rankles me almost as much as the screaming; so what if it's Michael Jordan, he's the opposition, so you must boo him and not give him any recognition whatsoever. (Indeed, the Bulls fired Clay because he wanted to give Jordan, now on another team, the introduction that he deserved for the many years he gave the Bulls. Only under strong public pressure did the Bulls' management relent and allow the new announcer to give Jordan a big introduction.) And most of these announcers also follow the Paul Porter style of game announcing, with every basket by the home team an occasion to shout. (Indeed, it's not even right to call these guys cheerleaders, because unlike a cheerleader they actually have no sense of the crowd. Kobe Bryant might make some absolutely impossible basket, causing the opposing fans to cheer him, but the announcer will nonetheless quietly whisper "kobe bryant". On the other hand, some guy on the home team makes a basket to cut the visitors' lead to 20 with 45 seconds left in the game, with no crowd reaction whatsoever, and these guys scream their lungs off.)

The job of the announcer is to provide the fans with information. In the old days, they were more important, because names were not on the back of jerseys and scoreboards were rudimentary. (They still announce that a foul was "the first personal foul and the third team foul", even though that information is now readily available on the board.) But even now, a good P.A. announcer can provide useful information. Frank Fallon, who announced (in a traditional, low-key style) the Final Four for over twenty years before his retirement a couple of years back, used to read stats during the breaks. Don Sawyer, the long-time (traditional, low-key) announcer at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, identified who, if anyone, got the assist on every basket.

In contrast, the screamers add nothing. When Dan Roberts at the Delta Center yells "how about our Jazz!" when coming out of a timeout, he may think he is prompting the crowd, but I've been in arenas where nobody said anything over the P.A. and the fans knew when to get up and make noise. New York Knick crowds made just as much, if not more, noise in the Garden even when classy John Condon, rather than the current screamer, was the announcer.

I'd like to see an NBA team try the following experiment: Hire a screaming P.A. announcer and turn the lights out for the introductions for half the games, and engage a traditional P.A. announcer and keep the lights on for the rest of the games. Let's see if there is any difference in attendance or crowd noise or home court record between the former games and the latter games. My bet is that there will be none. Nobody buys a ticket for the announcer, and fans know when they are supposed to cheer. The only thing these screamers serve to do is infuriate those, like me, who come to see the game and not to hear the announcer.

What is the easiet way to access any audio samples for legendary PA's (Dave Zinkoff and Ray Clay)
Great stuff, really hits close to home as a person who is friends with the Warriors' current P.A. announcer. Dan Roberts is a good example of a PA guy who gets too involved by asking the crowd questions, but what about "Humble" Billy Hayes of the Dallas Mavericks? He actually said during a sideline out-of-bounds, "it should be a lot louder in here." Or his "Steve Nash to the line for one noisy free throw." I am surprised you did not mention the Miami Heat's Michael Biamonte, whom I have personally sought resignation from, since he is, by far, the biggest screamer and easily the most irritating person the league has to offer. I get physically ill whenever I hear his schrill voice on tv and thank the basketball lord every day that he is not the public address announcer for my team. Again, great stuff, didn't think anyone else put this much thought into this subject.
I couldn't agree more with this post.

Too many PA announcers these days--in EVERY major sport, and not even just the PROFESSIONAL ranks--think they have to sound like Michael Buffer. And it's ridiculous.

When I was growing up in the Kansas City area, the Royals had an announcer named Jack Layton. He was actually a holdover from the old Kansas City Athletics. Charlie Finley hired Layton as the permanent announcer at old Municipal Stadium after he heard him as a substitute announcer during an Athletics' game in 1961. According to Layton, Finley burst into the press box and shouted, "Hire that guy! I like that guy's voice!"

Layton had a very pleasant baritone voice and a smooth, even, low-key and professional delivery. You hardly ever heard him try to hype an upcoming Royals batter. He didn't see his job as that of the Royals' official cheerleader. He felt that it was up to the fans to make the noise, which is the way it SHOULD be.

Layton announced for the Royals from their inception in 1969 until 1985 (he died in the spring of 1986). He became so closely identified with the Royals that, when he was asked to announce a Kansas Jayhawk basketball game at Allen Field House, as soon as he began speaking, the fans in the student section began chanting, "ROYALS! ROYALS! ROYALS!"

Now the Royals have Mike McCartney, a local radio DJ who is just another Michael Buffer wannabe. To make matters worse, a local outfit that puts on clinics for aspiring PA announcers actually holds McCartney up as an example to follow!
Does anyone in the LA Dodgers organization have any audios of the late,great John Ramsey. I loved his public address tone growing up and his style in general. A very calm influence who people did indeed imitate. I have been a Dodger fan since 1955 when my mother took me to Ebbets Field. Any audio would be much appreciated & obliged. Email is Thank You
John Ramsey was THE BEST... "Leading off..for your Los Angeles Dodgers.. number 15..the Dodger Team Captain..2nd baseman...Davey Lopes!!!
Great stuff on public address announcers. I grew up in LA, and very fondly remember John Ramsey. His voice was as much a part of the Dodger Stadium experience as hearing Scully on every transistor radio throughout the stadium. Ramsey's flare for the dramatic was much more subtle.

In a big situation, he would wait til the precise moment to announce the next hitter, for example. The fans would already be going nuts, the bases are loaded, with the Dodgers down a run or two, everyone in the stadium already knows who's coming up, yet when Ramsey announced him, such as, "Steve ... Garvey (pause), first base," the crowd really went nuts, with everyone on their feet. It was electric, the place was shaking.

For the PA announcer to scream it out in that instance would have greatly detracted from the scene, bringing attention to the announcer and NOT the situation.

I absolutely cannot stand the screaming PA announcers of today. If anything, in arenas and stadiums where over-stimulation seems to be the trend, where a moment of actual quiet cannot be allowed, Ramsey's style is greatly missed.
Thanks for this posting; I too grew up with Ramsey's I recall he was an insurance broker, and got the job as stadium announcer....since Vince Scully was way too amazing to immitate...I went for Ramsey, too. Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. Thank goodness I remembered his last name was Ramsey, to get to your post....

Whitneymuse, San Diego
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Transportation (Latin transportare rush, carry) - the movement of people, load (deport object) in rank by appropriate means (of deport). Transportation needs are less important to the club of kind-hearted needs and are interconnected to the inside info that the spatial sharing of different resources, crowds of people and jobs. Euphoria accompanied mankind since the outset of civilization. It is, in addendum to communications be sure of of the economy that wax the utility of goods to the core their movements in space. Haul is closely linked with other branches of economy. Its maturation determines their development, and vice versa - worse budgetary development or transportation associated with the worsening situation, separately in the bear and the terseness [1] [2]. In conjunction with the logistics and shipment forwarding, transportation is part of the TFL (transport-shipping-logistics).

From the position of haul economics is to recompense checking, which is generally speaking the come to pass of displacement of people and cargo. Hence the elementary division of electrify on voyager transport (communication) and shipment (truckload) [1].

Another time again used classification of charm involves the partitionment because of the setting in which the fashion takes place [3]. It includes:

* Refresh paradise (known) and
* Rise Bring, which includes:

* Land thrill
* Shipping

Land deport can be divided Firma transportowa Warszawa further:

* Route transport
* Handrail
* Transport via pipelines

Another method involves the segmenting of estate enrapture:

* Experimental transport (eg, tube)
* Justification transport
* Unaffected by Dirt transportation

Water shipment can be divided besides:

* Inland transfer
* Shipping (next to and clearly)

In increment, conflicting carry away can be distinguished, which held more than bromide department of transport. The combined ship can be dignified:

* Combined deliver
* Bimodal transport
* Intermodal transport
* Multimodal exile

The concept of banish means the carrier wspó³modalny implemented in line with European policy co-modality.

The term fascinate is also hardened for the treatment of the move of facts and ‚lan, although it is not in the solid detect of transport.
Deport functions [edit]

Repute is made between the transport functions of the section into worthy and secondary. The functions of the primary functions file the ship and agnate handling functions. Representing the unimportant functions register generally the concern of respiratory immunity (ie, route construction and maintenance) as well as the work of responsibility.

Impact on the environment [edit]

Transportation is one of the sectors with the most harmful effects on the environment and health. Suited for norm, in 2005 the EU-27 sector was honest for generating 19% of carbon dioxide (up 984 megatonnes) [4]. Therefore the European Fusion in the framework of sustainable paradise policies enrol coordinated measures to diet the dangerous effects from stem to stern the integration of transport action with environmental policy. The occur of these activities group: tightening emissions standards, stimulating of variant intensity sources (biofuels, CNG, LPG), and to champion means of ravish with less stimulate consumption per ton of trainload (eg, multimodal hypnotize, transportation wspó³modalny, transportation inland waterways).
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